iPad apps for surface pattern design

You have the iPad. Now which apps should you use?

iPad apps for surface pattern design


Last week we took a close look at the iPad Pro, and used feedback from seven lovely designers to discuss the pros and cons of using one for your design work.

Today, Sarah Haffner and I highlight our designers’ favorite iPad apps and offer links to great resources for those of you who want to do your own research on this topic. Guys, we’ve included links to 19 articles in this post…it’s like we are serving up a super-sized blog post this week. Enjoy!




Designers recommendation: Adobe Draw

Adobe Draw is a favorite among illustrators. A big reason is because of the way it interacts with Adobe Illustrator and the ease with which you can transfer files over to your laptop. It has a clean interface and it’s pretty simple to get going with this app…great for newbie designers who want to jump right in.

Useful Articles:

Adobe Illustrator Draw Review by Matt Lawrence – This is the best review we could find of Adobe Draw. It gives a good overview of the pros and cons of the app.

Review Adobe Draw by Stayf Draws (Youtube video) – If you want a lot of detail, and specifics on exactly how the app works, check-out this video.

iPad Vector App Roundup by Brad Colbow (Youtube video) – I like this guy and how he presents his reviews. He is not a fan of Adobe Draw as you’ll hear in this video, but does offer some alternatives you may want to check-out. Continue reading “iPad apps for surface pattern design”

Should You Buy an iPad Pro?

Advice from Seven Designers. What they like. What they don’t like.

Should You Buy an iPad Pro?


Is it worth saving up money for an iPad Pro? Is it a game changing tool that will elevate your design work…or just a nice toy to have around to play with?

Today, Sarah Haffner (my partner in crime for this post) and I are excited to share with you what we learned after talking to seven surface designers who use the iPad Pro for their illustration and design work.

And next week? We’ll continue this iPad discussion by talking apps.

Enjoy…we hope you find this info helpful!



Drawing Motifs. There was a pretty clear split between designers who prefer to start their designs by marking on paper and designers who prefer to just jump right by doodling on the iPad. A lot of it seems to has to do with personal preference, habits and the designers unique approach to creating patterns.

“There is just a special kind of hand/eye/paper thing that happens that I don’t see on the iPad”. (Alana)

“My process actually differs quite a bit based on the type of artwork that I want to end up with.  Regardless, I always start with sketching either in my sketchbook or, if the type of pattern I’m creating demands it, in one of my iPad Pro apps.” (Jen) Continue reading “Should You Buy an iPad Pro?”