Part III. How Vulnerable Should You be on Social Media?

Boundaries. Authenticity. Your Biz And Social Media.

How Vulnerable Should You be on Social Media Part III


Welcome to Part III of a IV part series on vulnerability.

Through this series I hope to share with you what vulnerability can mean to us artists as we struggle to define ourselves in the creative space and build small businesses that, let’s be real, are direct reflections of us and our hearts.

Each post in this series will feature the thoughts of a different designer who is actively sharing their work and building a creative business. In the last post I will share my own struggles and embrace vulnerability as I tell you some of the challenges I’ve faced as a creative.

I hope you enjoy. Here’s to being vulnerable!


In part I of this series, Virginia (AKA The Happy Artisan) shared with us her concerns about diving into social media as someone aspiring to build a creative business.

In part II of this seriesMary Williams of Creating to Love shared with us what it is like as someone who jumped in and embraced vulnerability from the start.

Today, Lisa Hetrick of IndigoJade Creative and IndigoJade Art shares with us how she navigates social media as a business owner and creative who for years has helped small businesses tell their story. I was lucky enough to connect with Lisa early on when I started blogging, and have found her advice, support and friendship invaluable. In fact, we previously collaborated on the blog post Patterns Infused with Meaning Kick Ass.

I think you’ll enjoy reading what Lisa has to say, and hearing the advice she gives her clients.

Social media has definitely changed the way we share our lives and our work.

I believe it can take several years to really find a good balance of use. Our lives are so much bigger and more interesting than what we all show in the squares/posts! It’s easy to get caught up in what we see and it can be a huge strain on time and mental health.

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Patterns Infused with Meaning Kick Ass

Patterns Infused with Meaning Kick Ass

I’ve made lots and lots of patterns. Hundreds at this point. And one thing I’ve learned is that when I have a meaningful point of inspiration behind a pattern, when I can quite literally infuse it with meaning, it tends to kick ass.


For example, I love these two patterns I created for my Mom. They bring to mind memories of my time with her and remind me of how special she was to me. When I designed these patterns, years apart from each other, they both flowed out of me effortlessly. Continue reading “Patterns Infused with Meaning Kick Ass”