Selling on Etsy with Jane Bowns

 Tips and Juicy Details. Jane’s Journey Selling on Etsy.

 Selling on Etsy with Jane Bowns


Hi Guys! Today I’m excited to share with you the work of Jane Bowns. She’s an illustrator who is relatively new to the game and just recently launched an Etsy shop. In this interview you’ll hear how Jane got started and her tips for  setting-up an Etsy shop and promote products. 

Jane creates beautiful work…I should know, I have one of her adorable strawberry bags! Enjoy the interview!


Hi Jane! Please tell us a bit about your background as an artist and how you got into design.

I’m entirely self-taught, and learned to draw, screen print and sew the items I make through research, experimentation, passion and practice! I was into art while in school ( and my art teacher thought I had promise), but chose to pursue music instead. After studying music at college, I became a full-time guitar teacher. I love teaching guitar and perform locally in a band for fun.

I think drawing and painting are often linked with music in the general artistic sphere, and despite not studying art formally, I have always loved patterns, color and design. I probably inherited this from my Mum, who paints watercolors as a hobby.

As time has gone by, my interest in art, screen printing, sewing and design has increased. I taught myself how to screen print, as I love the colorful results of screen printing on fabric and cards, and just recently opened an Etsy shop to sell my wares. Continue reading “Selling on Etsy with Jane Bowns”