Part IV. How Vulnerable Should You be on Social Media?

I Embraced Vulnerability. And Started A Blog. My Story.

Part IV. How Vulnerable Should You be on Social Media

Welcome to the final part of a IV part series on vulnerability.

Through this series I’ve tried to share with you what vulnerability can mean to us artists as we struggle to define ourselves in the creative space and build small businesses that, let’s be real, are direct reflections of us and our hearts.

In part I of this series, Virginia (AKA The Happy Artisan) shared with us her concerns about diving into social media as someone aspiring to build a creative business.

In part II of this seriesMary Williams of Creating to Love shared with us what it is like as someone who jumped in and embraced vulnerability from the start.

In part III of this series, Lisa Hetrick of IndigoJade Creative and IndigoJade Art shared with us how she navigates social media as a business owner and creative who for years has helped small businesses tell their story.

And in this final part I share my story and how vulnerability led me to start this blog.

I hope you enjoy. Here’s to being vulnerable!


Okay guys, I’m finally doing it. I’m finally sitting down to write this blog post on vulnerability. I’m pushing that big old ego aside that has been telling me not to share, that has been dwelling in fear, and I’m diving in.

Before the Blog

I’ve never been a particularly outgoing person. As a child I adopted the approach to life that it was best to just blend in to the background…to not draw attention to myself. I learned to be a good listener versus a talker because that was safe. Continue reading “Part IV. How Vulnerable Should You be on Social Media?”