My favorite blog posts of 2017

Top 5 blog posts of 2017
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Last week I told you guys about some big changes I’ll be making to the blog this year. But before we dive into it and move forward, I thought it might be fun to take a look back. To share with you some of my favorite blog posts from last year.

I started this blog in February of 2017, and sense then have published 45 blog posts! Here are some of my favorites.

These are the ones that resonate with me the most and have impacted the way that I work and design.

So without further ado…Enjoy!


1. How Vulnerable Should you be on Social Media? (4 part series)

How Vulnerable Should You be on Social Media - Part IAm I cheating by choosing a series here instead of a single post? Well, I don’t care! I absolutely love this four part series. I thought it was so meaningful hearing how each of the contributors approach vulnerability on social media. And even though it freaked me out a bit, I loved sharing my own story of vulnerability and how it felt starting this blog.




2. First Time at Quilt Market with Dylan Mierzwinski

First time at Quilt Market with Dylan MierzwinskiWhat I loved about this post is how honest, fun and herself Dylan was. I thought she was so authentic and really put a lot into answering the questions thoughtfully and in a way that would help readers. Her interview gave us a true glimpse into what it was like to show at Quilt Market for the first time.




3. Designing for You Instead of the Market with Roger Vaughn

Creating for You Instead of the Market with Roger VaughnThis interview with Roger was very eye opening. His work is so raw and rough and I just knew when I reached out to interview him that he’d have something interesting to say. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, his thoughts on the tension between designing for yourself versus designing for the market made me do a lot of thinking about how and why I design the way I do.




4. Why Mood Boards Matter with Elles Rodenburg

Why Mood Boards Matter with Elles Rodenburg

Full disclosure…I’m one of those people who has never been over the moon excited about putting together mood boards. I just want to jump straight into designing. Thanks to Elles, I’ve realized the value that mood boards bring to the design process. In this interview she does a great job of explaining how helpful mood boards can be and her passion for them really shines through.




5. Breaking into the Surface Design Industry with Heather Dutton

Breaking into the Surface Design Industry with Heather DuttonWhat I loved about Heather’s interview was how willing she was to offer advice to readers and to open-up her world so we could get a glimpse of what a career path in this field might look like. Heather was absolutely wonderful to interview and I found her to be a very kind, generous person.



Boy was it hard to choose just five posts! I’ve been so lucky to work with so many wonderful designers and to have covered so many great topics.


Here’s to more fun writing and sharing in the new year!




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