My Review: Make it in Design – Module 1

My review: Make it in Design - Module 1

Here it is! Finally I’ve written a review of Make It In Design, Module 1. In a nutshell, I loved the course and would recommend it to designers who are looking to start a career in surface pattern design, but are not quite sure exactly how to build up their skills or focus their design […]

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iPad apps for surface pattern design

iPad Apps for Surface Pattern Design

Last week we took a close look at the iPad Pro, and used feedback from seven lovely designers to discuss the pros and cons of using one for your design work. Today, Sarah Haffner and I highlight our designers’ favorite iPad apps and offer links to great resources for those of you who want to […]

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Should You Buy an iPad Pro?

Should you buy an iPad Pro?

Is it worth saving up money for an iPad Pro? Is it a game changing tool that will elevate your design work…or just a nice toy to have around to play with? Today, Sarah Haffner (my partner in crime for this post) and I are excited to share with you what we learned after talking […]

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Building a Simple Pattern using Math

Build a pattern using simple math

I LOVE to jump into the pattern making process…manipulating layers, adding shading, doing all that stuff. But maybe you are a newbie designer who just wants to make your first basic pattern. Or you are an illustrator who has a kick ass illustration that just needs to be put into a simple, no fuss, repeat […]

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