My Review: Make it in Design – Module 1

My review: Make it in Design - Module 1

Here it is! Finally I’ve written a review of Make It In Design, Module 1. In a nutshell, I loved the course and would recommend it to designers who are looking to start a career in surface pattern design, but are not quite sure exactly how to build up their skills or focus their design […]

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iPad apps for surface pattern design

iPad Apps for Surface Pattern Design

Last week we took a close look at the iPad Pro, and used feedback from seven lovely designers to discuss the pros and cons of using one for your design work. Today, Sarah Haffner and I highlight our designers’ favorite iPad apps and offer links to great resources for those of you who want to […]

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Should You Buy an iPad Pro?

Should you buy an iPad Pro?

Is it worth saving up money for an iPad Pro? Is it a game changing tool that will elevate your design work…or just a nice toy to have around to play with? Today, Sarah Haffner (my partner in crime for this post) and I are excited to share with you what we learned after talking […]

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Rework Old Patterns and Expand your Portfolio

Rework old patterns

Hi Guys! You know what is so much fun? (Well, for pattern nerds like us, wink wink) Going back to finished patterns, ones that have been labeled done, and messing around with them. You know, adding a layer, recoloring…just pushing them a bit further or in a different direction. I’ve really been into this lately, […]

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Thinking ‘Outside’ the Box

Thinking 'outside' the box

It has been AGES since I’ve shared with you one of my experiments. So today I thought I’d show you how I played around and built out this layered pattern. I’ve decided to call the method I used to build out the pattern my outside of the box technique. I know, super cheesy, but that’s […]

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