Using Kris Loya’s Patterns in an Interior

Using Kris Loya's Patterns in an Interior

Last week I featured an interview with Surface Pattern Designer Kris Loya on the blog. We talked about her work as a watercolor artist and how she finds mediation in her creative process. Your response to her work was amazing, thank you!

Today I wanted to take things a step further by showing you how one of Kris’ patterns could be used in an interior. To help me do this (since I am definitely not an interior decorator) is my friend and colleague Jen Pollard from Park Place Designs. I’m sure you will enjoy Jen’s ideas as much as I do. Continue reading “Using Kris Loya’s Patterns in an Interior”

Painting as Meditation with Designer kris Loya

Today I am excited to share with you the work of watercolor artist and surface pattern designer, Kris Loya. Kris has been on my radar since I discovered her bright and cheerful florals on Facebook. The energy and excitement that comes through in her work just makes me smile. I love the freedom of her brushstrokes and the feminine quality of her patterns.

Read below to learn more about Kris, her process, and how you too can find meditation in your creative process.

Painting as meditation with Kris Loya

Hi Kris! Please tell us a little bit about your background as an artist and how you got into surface pattern design.

I think I held a paintbrush before I held a pencil. I’ve tried a variety of paint mediums, but feel most comfortable and happy with watercolor. When I started high school (kids start high school at 11 in Trinidad and Tobago) I got serious about watercolor and have been painting ever since. Continue reading “Painting as Meditation with Designer kris Loya”

History Forward: The Mississippi River’s Ribbons of Color

Title image for pattern inspired by Mississippi River

I’m not a huge fan of Pinterest, but every now and then I look through what people are posting to find inspiration. The other day I was looking at old maps, and came across a unique and quite colorful one. It was made for the Army Corps of Engineers by Harold N. Fink in 1944. Rather than creating several maps to show how the Mississippi River’s course changed over time, Fink used a collection of colorful ribbons to highlight the changes all on one map.

The map inspired me to make a new pattern. See my process below: Continue reading “History Forward: The Mississippi River’s Ribbons of Color”



Creating a dynamic color palette

Sometimes when I’m build a pattern I struggle to come up with a color palette that I like and that really helps my design stand out. I just can’t get the colors to work!

Thankfully, I’ve learned a few tricks that help me get unstuck and create dynamic color palettes. I’m so excited to share them with you! Continue reading “CREATING A DYNAMIC COLOR PALETTE”


image for don't know how to make a pattern

I love patterns and for a long time wanted to learn how to make them. However, when I started looking into the process about 10 years ago I couldn’t find a lot of information on how to go about it. The process just seemed too overwhelming, so I moved on.

Luckily, these days pattern design has become less of a mystery and a much more accessible art form. Continue reading “HELP! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO BUILD A PATTERN”